Сценарий к мультфильму головоломка


Ведущий – Along with a new life feelings are born.

Joy – I’m Joy.

Anger – I’m Anger.

Ведущий – Anger cares very deeply about things being fair.

Fear – I’m fear. I protect Riley from danger.

Ведущий - - He’s very good at keeping Riley safe.

Disgust – What’s with this smell? I’m disgust.

Ведущий – And this is sadness.

Sadness – What am I good for? I don’t know.

Joy – Together we all protect Riley and make her happy.

Ведущий – The story starts when Riley’s family move to San-Francisco.

Fear – We’re gonna die! What should we do?

Joy – You’re overreacting. Nobody’s dying.

Ведущий – And then came the first day at school.

Эмоции готовятся к школе.

Joy – Ok. First day at school, very, very exciting. I was up late last night figuring out a new plan. Here it is.

Fear – Ah. I need a list of all the possible negative outcomes of the first day at a new school.

Fear – Ok..

Joy – Disgust. Make sure Riley stands out today but also blends in.

Disgust – When I’m through Riley will look so that other kids will look at their own outfits and baff.

Joy –Joy! – Yes, Joy. – You’ll be in charge of keeping Riley happy all day long. – And may I say? I love your dress, it’s adorable. – Thank you, thank you so much. – Anger! Unload the daydreams. I ordered extra in case things get slow in class.

Anger - (с газетой) May come in handy if this new school is full of boring useless classes which it will probably be.

Joy - Oh, sadness! I have a super important job just for you!

Sadness – Really?

Joy – Uhu. Follow me.

Sadness – What are you doing?

Joy – In there, Perfect! This is the circle of sadness. Your job is to make sure that all the sadness stays inside of it.

Sadness – So you want me to just stand here?

Joy – (поправляет ножку) – Just make sure that all the sadness stays in the circle. See, you are a pro at. Isn’t that fun?

Sadness – No.

Joy – All right, everyone. Fresh start. We are gonna have a good day which will turn into a good week which will turn into a good year which turns into a good life.

Родители провожают в школу.

Mother – A big day, new school, new friends, ah?

Riley – I know, I’m mostly excited. How do I look?

Mother – Very cute. You gonna be OK. You want us to walk with you?

Disgust – Mum and Dad with us in public? No, thank you.

Joy – I’m on it (нажимает кнопку).

Riley – Nope, I’m fine. Bye, mum, bye, dad!

Father –Have a good day at school, monkey! (Показывают обезьянок)

Mother – Have a great day, sweetheart!

В школе.

Fear – Are you sure we want to do it?

Joy – In we go!

Anger – OK, going in, yes!

Disgust – Ok. We’ve got a group of cool girls at 2 o’clock.

Joy – How do you know?

Disgust – Double ears pierced. Infinity scarf. We want to be friends with them.

Joy – Let’s go talk to them.

Disgust – Are you kidding! We are not talking to them. We want them to like us!

Joy – Oh!

Fear – (несет стопку бумаг) Almost finished with the potential disasters. The worst scenario is either quicksand, spontaneous combustion or getting called on by the teacher. As long as none of those happen…

С учителем.

Teacher – OK, everybody. We have a new student in class today.

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